like for trans headcanons, reblog for super trans headcanons, ignore for cisgenders

And what’s so bad about cis headcanon?

you dont need cis headcanons u have canon cis characters in literally every piece of media whereas trans people have nothing, quite literally

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i’ve been heavily influenced… i get jealous when i see art of sniper with others…

evra-tf2:outlike:뜨든 뜬뜨든 뜬 뜬 뜬 뜬 뜬 뜬뜨든i dont know why but its accurate



뜨든 뜬뜨든 뜬 뜬 뜬 뜬 뜬 뜬뜨든

i dont know why but its accurate

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i am the absolute worst at flirting.


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i feel the need to declare my spy-ness once again.

today was going well but it just took a real fuckin’ wrong turn. i hate the girl who sits next to me in every one of my classes today. she’s so mean to me and it takes all my strength not to fucking dismember her.